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Most common sex toys 3: anal beads

by Beth Divine 6 Oct 2018

Anal beads, sometimes also called ‘Thai beads’, are a unique sex toy, with some similarities to dildos, but with enough differences that they deserve a classification all their own. The early versions looked rather like large fake pearl necklaces, with beads of around one-inch diameter on a sturdy string. The string can be made from nylon, cotton or plastic – whichever material is used it should be easy to clean and strong enough to withstand fairly strong pressure. There were issues with this type though, the string would sometimes break, leaving beads inside the users’ body. While this may seem something to giggle about – ‘Have you heard, so-and-so got a sex toy stuck up their you know what, and they had to go to the emergency room to get it taken out!’ – but it is actually quite a serious issue.

(Colorectal removals are found across the whole generational divide, but very old and very young people tend to be operated on to remove items that have been swallowed before coming to rest in the colon and needed surgical removal. These objects include bones from food, teeth or dentures, and small toys. Inserted objects tend to fall into two camps, the smallest showing a dark side, the desire to hurt oneself and usually requiring the consultation of a mental health professional as well as treating the physical consequences of the patient’s actions. The remaining patients tend to have inserted objects for sexual gratification and then not been able to retrieve it. Doctors have devised a number of tools which can extend up the back passage, close around the foreign body and pull it out. If this fails, if the object has travelled too far into the body or if it resists removal or the patient starts bleeding, invasive surgery may be the only answer.)

Therefore, manufacturers began to make anal beads out of one solid piece of plastic, rubber or silicon (the latter being much preferred for its friendliness to the human body, the other materials can cause allergies and irritation) shaped to emulate the appearance (and sensation) of beads on a string. These pieces could be shaped so that they fit more comfortably, providing more pleasure to female users and enabling male users to access their prostate – a highly sensitive gland that is best stimulated by pressure or massage a few inches inside the anus.

Anal beads range in size from about an inch in diameter or just less, to a massive seven-and-a-half inches. The latter are slightly bigger than tennis balls, and should only be used by those experienced in anal who are prepared to put in the time and effort to stretch themselves safely to allow the beads to fit.

The pleasure in using anal beads depends according to each user: some people enjoy the sensation of the insertion, others are turned on by the removal process – for both of these, pleasure is enhanced as the anus expands to admit or expel each bead and then contracts around the narrow connecting ‘string’.  For others, and these tend to be the people who love the bigger beads, it is the sensation of fullness that they enjoy, of being stretched by the beads.