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Most unusual sex toys 1

by Beth Divine 7 Oct 2018

Sex toys are more or less acceptable these days, and therefore people have started inventing toys that meet unique physical needs. Some of these are pretty strange, but understandable as they are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and introduce new sensations to the steamy session, whether it is a solo one or couples time. Vibrators are available with three prongs – one for insertion, an anal stimulator, and a clitoral massager, to ensure that the woman gets the maximum pleasure from the toy. Urethral sounds slip inside the penis to create a feeling of fullness that some men find pleasurable, and that can also ensure a man is ready for a lengthy session by keeping them at a semi-hard stage while the sound is inserted. But some sex toys are rather bizarre, obviously speaking to a very small, niche group of users. Read on to discover some of these.

Breast enhancers: while breast enhancers may sound like just the thing for a heteronormative couple, the assumption being that the toy will make her boobs bigger and therefore more fun to play with and suck on, and who wouldn’t like that? However, this toy is not designed for women at all – and the word enhancer is something of misnomer as men don’t have breasts in the sense that one infers from the wording. That’s right, the breast enhancer is actually a set of strap on tits for a man to slip on before doing whatever it is that makes him feel it. Of course, these are meant for transgender people who might feel more comfortable with breasts than they do performing the gender with which they were born. Whatever the reason for needing these breasts, they are certainly not the run of the mill when it comes to the sex toy drawer.

Baby Jesus butt plug: a butt plug is no longer an unusual find in the naughty drawer, but this particular piece of nastiness is actually nasty. Not only is there a very disturbing link to the evils of paedophilia and everything that goes along with it, but there is a blatant disregard – even desecration – of one of the world’s top religions. The connotations of this toy – no matter your religious affiliations or lack thereof – just make this one a big fat nope.

The Cone: this is a weird one. It looks just like a broad bright pink cone, like a child’s toy or a replica of an obscure pyramid. It claims to be a sex toy, but it is not narrow enough for penetration of any orifices, it is far too pointed for comfort even if you could work out where and how to stick it in. In short, it is something whose selling point is that it is a sex toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy. From what we can see, it’s a sex toy that does work like a sex toy either… Which makes it not a sex toy.