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Most unusual sex toys 2

by Beth Divine 8 Oct 2018

Sex toys are more or less acceptable these days, and therefore people have started inventing toys that meet unique physical needs. Some of these are pretty strange, but understandable as they are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and introduce new sensations to the steamy session, whether it is a solo one or couples time. Vibrators are available with three prongs – one for insertion, an anal stimulator, and a clitoral massager, to ensure that the woman gets the maximum pleasure from the toy. Urethral sounds slip inside the penis to create a feeling of fullness that some men find pleasurable, and that can also ensure a man is ready for a lengthy session by keeping them at a semi-hard stage while the sound is inserted. But some sex toys are rather bizarre, obviously speaking to a very small, niche group of users. Read on to discover some more of these.

Anal speculum: Anal, ooh yeah – speculum, wait what? Isn’t that a medical tool that doctors use to examine female’s private parts? Well, yes, but speculum comes from the Latin for mirror, and it simply refers to any tool that can be used to dilate or open up an orifice. The vaginal speculum is the one that is most commonly known, but there are, as we are finding out, others. So, yes, an anal speculum does exist and it is used to give access to the inside of one’s bottom – as would be done by a doctor conducting a medical exam. Yep, sexy as fuck, can quite see how this is a must-have for some bedtime fun – NOT!

Orca: The ‘orca’ is a dildo. Dildoes are very common sex toys, what is the surprise here? Well, kind of like the baby Jesus butt plug, this dildo is unusual for two reasons. The first is that it is a massive fifteen inches long, excluding the base, and the second is that it is modelled on an orca penis. That’s not a whale of a tale, it’s all true (and, apparently, orcas have very strangely shaped cocks…)

The Hotdoll: at first sight of the name, you might be forgiven for thinking that this is a common or garden sex doll, whether a cheapish blow-up version or a more realistic silicon version. But it is not. It is a sex doll, the name gives us that much. But it is not your horny self, it is for your horny and lonely dog… Now, if you have a dog – or have a friend with a dog – that spends all its time following you around and humping your leg, your backpack or your foot, then the idea of giving the pupper their very own hump doll might seem like an excellent idea. But it still begs the questions: who thought of this in the first place?