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Most unusual sex toys 3

by Beth Divine 9 Oct 2018

Sex toys are more or less acceptable these days, and therefore people have started inventing toys that meet unique physical needs. Some of these are pretty strange, but understandable as they are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and introduce new sensations to the steamy session, whether it is a solo one or couples time. Vibrators are available with three prongs – one for insertion, an anal stimulator, and a clitoral massager, to ensure that the woman gets the maximum pleasure from the toy. Urethral sounds slip inside the penis to create a feeling of fullness that some men find pleasurable, and that can also ensure a man is ready for a lengthy session by keeping them at a semi-hard stage while the sound is inserted. But some sex toys are rather bizarre, obviously speaking to a very small, niche group of users. Read on to discover some more of these.

Tongue vibrator: having someone go down on you is great. Vibrators are great. So, someone had the bright idea of putting these two great concepts together and coming up with the tongue vibrator. It looks like a tongue on a stick, as though someone removed a tongue and stuck it onto an ice lolly stick, but it is a vibrator that you apply as needed to where it will do the most good. Presumably the tagline is something like: For that authentic cunnilingus that will go on as long as you like. Or until the batteries run out anyway…

Kaylani’s Foot Vibrator: speaking of rubberised body parts, do you have a foot fetish? If so, would you like to own a smallish rubber foot with a simulated vulva on the bottom of the heel? Because that’s what this toy is, a slightly smaller than life-size rubber foot, complete with toenails painted a lively bright red, with a vaginal masturbator embedded in the sole. You would like one? Great! So you can finally achieve that treasured ambition to fuck a foot. If you want to. Which it seems you do. There are just so many questions here. In truth, I’m not entirely sure if I want to know the answers…

The Pleasure Periscope: putting the toy back into sex toy, this looks like a child’s plaything, except for the business end which is unmistakably adults-only territory. This toy is a dildo with a periscope attachment – or it might be a periscope with a dildo attachment – either way this is a sex toy that lets you watch your orgasm in disturbing close-up – as in, from the inside.