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Some Unusual Sex Toys and Practises

by Beth Divine 15 Oct 2018

Most sex toys are basic penis replicas, whether they vibrate, rotate, or have flanged bottoms for the prevention of – um – losses. But there is more to sex than just sticking a dick in it and sex toy makers are beginning to come around to understanding this. Here is a round-up of some ways to have great sex without being conventional and stuffy.

 Egg laying Alien Tube: Okay, this device seems, at first, to be just another rubber willy, but it’s really not… Ovipositors like this toy are a surprisingly big niche market that some manufacturers have leapt to satisfy. The penile tube is alien-looking – enough to satisfy those with a UFO fetish, without being so alien that it is unfit for purpose – and is hollow, with enough space for three or four of the surprisingly large eggs. Presumably (the information page is surprisingly coy about the mechanics of it all) one loads up the eggs and inserts the tube into the required orifice, using gravity and a squeezing motion to force the eggs through the tube and into the body. The eggs are made from firm but rubbery gelatine eggs that do eventually dissolve with body heat, so there are no worries about anything getting stuck on a long-term basis. The alien eggs can be inserted anywhere you like…

Clitoral stimulators: These are great for non-penetrative orgasms and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and strength of stimulation. You can get stimulators that are shaped like a shield and those that will fit inside panties so a lady can enjoy hands-free stimulus, and you can even get them shaped rather like a textured tongue, all the better to enjoy the moment… Now, while many men think that women need some kind of penetration in order to enjoy an orgasm, even if they need clitoral stimulation at the same time, this is not true at all, it is perfectly possible for a woman to have a mind-blowing orgasm without any penetrative contact at all.

Nipple teasers: In fact, some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Nipple teasers are small textured pieces that are designed to maximise the sensations of pleasure. Why not see if you can bring your lady friend to orgasm by only paying attention to her breasts?

Light bondage: While some are put off by the idea of serious sub-dom play, and find the idea of being spanked abhorrent, do not entirely dismiss the idea of bondage altogether. ‘Light’ bondage can mean being tied up with soft ropes or silk bindings, and can involve one or both of you using a blindfold. Being blindfolded during sex can be very pleasurable as having your sight limited means that you are forced to rely on your other senses, with your sense of touch being enhanced – only a good thing when sex in mostly about getting the touching and the friction just right. With a blindfold, you might find that the foreplay goes on and on and on…