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Non-Toy Sex Aids

by Beth Divine 25 Oct 2018

Some people do not like the idea of using sex toys, but still want to add a little excitement and variety to their sex lives. There are a number of ways to spice up your nookie sessions:

Erotic reading and viewing: invest in some lightly steamy books and movies. Nothing too illicit or hardcore, just some gently titivating scenes in which much is hinted and little is seen. Our imaginations are so strong that they will easily fill in actions, sensations and movements that are implied rather than explicitly shown. If you are not sure of what to watch or read, have a look online: there are entire databases devoted to matching people with the right material.

If you are feeling very risqué, you can experiment with mood-altering substances. These can include drugs and alcohol, and also there is a whole world of illicit drugs, which should only be entered extremely cautiously and with full knowledge of any potential side-effects.

Whenever you are trying something new, you should both be relaxed and open to the new experience. Neither one should try anything without the full understanding and consent of the other. Pay attention to yourself and to each other, making sure that you pick up on any adverse reactions in enough time to seek medical treatment should it be necessary.

Once you are relaxed, and ready to play, you can work on stimulating each other in ways that you are unused to doing. Once again, try new things with care and attention, making sure that you keep a weather eye on your partner’s reactions: something that you love might be something that they loathe, and they perhaps don’t want to say anything seeing how excited you are about it all.

Being relaxed and stimulated in the right way is a great way to ensure that you both have a fantastic experience, and keeping an eye on the other’s reaction is an even better way to make sure that you are both satisfied at the end of it all.

Bear in mind at all times that what you are doing is trying to enliven your sex life. Not incapacitate your partner, not live out your own disturbing fantasies without care or concern for your partner, and certainly not endangering their lives or putting them at risk of injury or trauma, be it mental, physical or emotional…

And remember at all times: Consent is vital, no matter what you are up to! If your partner is too drunk, too sleepy or unconscious, they are unable to consent, even if they seem to be saying yes – now, if you are in a similar state it can be very hard to legislate blame in such a situation: but avoid it at all costs, by always getting consent and staying clear-headed enough to know and enjoy what you are doing.

So, there you have it, even if you can’t use sex toys (some people have allergies to the material used in their manufacture), you can still liven up your whoopie sessions with a few of these techniques. Of course, the best way to relax and get experimental is by talking to each other about what you want to do to them, and what you want them to do to you!