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Spice Up Your Sex Life

by Beth Divine 26 Oct 2018

Is your sex life a little dull, a little boring, a bit vanilla? Do you and your partner still love each other very much but find things a little lacking in the bedroom? Well fear not, this is quite normal – after all, you have been together for a long time and you have discovered almost all of each other’s likes and dislikes and things have got… comfortable.

A great way to spice things up is by bringing a little bit of role play into your lives. Pick a character that is very different from the real you and dress up to suit the new persona. Perhaps you can get some temporary tattoos – or cover up your existing ones. If you wear a civilised suit from Monday to Friday, break out the tattered jeans and leather jacket – or vice versa.

Once you have committed to the role play, make sure that you both have the right address, and that you have both picked a back story that you are comfortable with – playing a horny priest when you partner is a devout believer is unlikely to make her feel frisky and could threaten your whole relationship.

Book a hotel room for yourselves in advance, and make sure that all the boring payments and contracts are signed ahead of time so that when your role play starts you can get straight onto the fun part without any waiting or explaining.

Speaking of explaining, if either of your characters are a bit dodgy-looking, it might be best to explain this to the duty manager of the hotel – while getting chucked out for looking villainous might play into your chosen character, it is unlikely to do anything for your sex life!

Have the ‘game’ start at a set time, and both of you commit to it fully – it will be no fun if one or the other of you drops the pretence halfway through a ‘scene’. Play it out so that you ‘meet’ as strangers, flirt and share a few drinks, before heading up to the bedroom to enjoy some naughty sexy fun – and all without any of the guilt of cheating or really meeting someone new!