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Sex in Your 20s

by Beth Divine 27 Oct 2018

Sex in your twenties is something new and exciting. You may have been sexually active for a while, but this is the decade in which you are permitted to be so, and may even be allowed to have partners sleep over at your parents’ house. As you get to grips with your own body, learning what you like and what you don’t, you become sexually experience, although still, to a certain extent, quite naïve and innocent.

Your twenties is a time when you are likely to have plenty of sexual partners (mostly one at a time, but the odd orgy or threesome is not unheard of) and to enjoy lots of alcohol and partying. Enjoy these times, but always make sure that you are safe and protected, with an escape plan should you need one and never taking in more alcohol or other substances than you can handle. Over indulging in alcohol and stimulants can be very dangerous directly, and risky in other ways too – being incapacitated in the company of strangers who may wish to do you harm is not the way to have an enjoyable evening out.

This is the decade during which you might meet a future life partner and begin to settle down. This will show you an entirely different learning curve as you learn how to adjust to living with a person who was raised differently to you. Putting together a home, choosing beds and curtains, can all be exciting and very rewarding – an excellent experience that helps you towards becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

Oddly enough, in your twenties, you are unlikely to be very very experimental with sex. You might try one or two tricks and tips, but you are unlikely to try anything too hard core. Sometimes, even though you might be desperate to try something, you might to too shy or nervous to ask the question: and as this has occasionally resulted in break-ups this is not entirely surprising!

Break-ups also occur because one partner tries something unexpected. Do not do this, no matter how tempting you find it! Consent is always needed, even in a long-term loving relationship.

You look your best in your twenties, but all too often you don’t realise it, instead worrying about your looks, and how good you are in bed. The ideal person would be a twenty-year-old body with a 40-year-old mind!