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Sex in Your 40s

by Beth Divine 27 Oct 2018

Once you are in your forties, you’ve had your kids and they have grown up and left home. But your body is aging, starting to sag and sprout hair from weird places. However, you don’t mind as much as you would have done once, and your libido and energy levels are returning children are grown and gone. By this stage, you have either passed the seven-year itch and will be getting on well with your partner. Of course, sometimes relationships don’t stand the test of time, and you might be single – and looking to mingle!

If you are the kind of person who needs someone being single in your forties can be a desert: with no sex and not much fun. But it doesn’t have to be: it can be wonderful. There are so many dating apps out there now, catering to all ages, shapes and sizes, that almost everyone is sure to find someone to hook up with or hang out with. You can play the field or find someone permanent – or play the field while you wait for someone permanent to come along!

Either way – single or committed – you are sure to be more sexually adventurous than ever. This is because you are now comfortable with your body and know what you like sexually and what you would like to try out. The comfort that comes with a few years also gives you the confidence to spell out what it is that you would like to try, should it become necessary with a new, more unsure partner.

Being older and more assured, you attain value as a sexual mentor – some younger people, of either gender, look to find older partners in order to learn and indulge their fantasies with someone who has been there and done that. And what is more pleasurable than teaching a young person how to give sexual satisfaction, unless it is taking satisfaction from that young person?