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Gadgets to Get You Up

by Beth Divine 28 Oct 2018

Get her a special alarm clock: this device is covered with a sturdy rubberised coating and looks a little like a toy spatula, with the time display on the flat panel. The ‘handle’ of the spatula is the action section, and this is the vibrating shaft that will wake you up in the nicest way possible. That’s right, there is an alarm clock that wakes you up with an orgasm. If you are a woman that is, the male equivalent is still on the drawing board.

The alarm clock has thirty different settings and can be customised so it takes you through your favourite intensities and speeds, and can also be set to start slow and gentle and become more insistent. The clock is worn under the pyjamas, slipped into place after programming and should stay firmly in place thanks to its body friendly design and light rubberisation which will hold it in place firmly but without sticking or pulling.

When it is time to wake up, the ‘handle’ (or alarm cock!) begins to vibrate, softly at first, but with increasing urgency. There are very few, if any, people who can withstand the pleasure of being so stimulated and it is certain that no one will be able to sleep through it! The alarm clock will continue to play through its programmed cycle, and the battery can last an impressive three hours’ worth of use. This means that even the shyest clitoris is sure to end up stimulated and encouraged to ‘come out and play’, so to speak.

The alarm clock does not have to be used as a wake-up alarm – busy but loving couples can use them as reminders to have some bedroom time together. The alarm can work as a precursor to foreplay – foreplay’s foreplay, if you like – getting you both in the mood and reminding you that you promised each other some private attentions at this moment. For extra intimacy, you could each program the other’s alarm clock so that when the time is upon you, the strength, urgency and duration of the clock’s workings come as a complete surprise to you.

Whether you want to set time aside for your special other, or just want to be up and ready to face the day in good time, while having a good time, you might do worse than to try the orgasmic alarm clock – you have nothing to lose but a very good time!