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Orgasmic Meditation

by Beth Divine 29 Oct 2018

Today’s world is ever more stressful – we all have so much to do, so much that we want to do, and a purely finite number of hours in the day along with the need to devote a certain percentage of that existing time to other things: work, family duties, other necessary chores. More and more people were ignoring their body’s needs, sleeping too little and making no time for their mental health and wellbeing. But slowly, just as the Western world is finally realising that food and sleep impact on physical wellbeing, so too is there a realisation that one’s mental health should be looked after too.

Yoga, Pilates, and meditation are just some of the ways that people can destress and allow their minds to unwind – and often physical fitness can be a side effect of these exercises too. But there is a newcomer to the world of mental fitness, one that might cause many a hard-working woman to pay serious attention to her mental health: orgasmic meditation.

With orgasmic meditation the trained orgasmic mediation partner gently strokes the meditator’s clitoris for fifteen minutes, while she lies back and relaxes, letting go of all her stresses as the pleasurable sensations build.

It must be emphasised that orgasmic meditation is not about sexual partnership, the partner does not have to be a girl- or boy-friend – it can be anyone with whom you feel safe and relaxed. The partner will need some training, which can be completed in a relatively short time. The training teaches the partner how to focus all their attention on the meditator’s private parts, allowing the meditator to fully relax and focus entirely – and passively – on the sensations she is feeling. With sexual partnership, both parties can expect to enjoy intercourse or orgasm, with orgasmic meditation it must be made clear that the action is on the part of the partner, while the meditator is unmoving while she makes her way to orgasm, which usually happens at around the twelve to thirteen minute mark.

Apparently, the way the orgasm is arrived at is vital to the efficacy. Being stroked, rather than any other form of stimulation, is key to releasing maximum amounts of oxytocin and serotonin – the feel good-hormones that, in combination with the physical release of an orgasm, make the meditation so effective at easing tensions and relieving stresses.

If you know a very stressed woman in need of relief, why not do a little bit of research and make her an offer she would be unwise indeed to refuse?