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Marijuana sex toys

by Beth Divine 31 Oct 2018

With the growing swing towards the legalisation of marijuana – with, hopefully restrictions being placed on the manufacture of the super strong resins that have caused major problems to both users and law enforcement alike – there has been some speculation about other products that the pungent herb might be introduced into.

One American senator – who is known for being extremely antagonistic to the legalisation of marijuana – has raised the possibility of people who would never otherwise be tempted by narcotics being sucked into the seedy underworld of addiction through the delights of edibles, marijuana infused lipsticks, candles and other goodies – even sex toys! His claim that children might get their hands on these items ignores the fact that alcohol and cigarettes are widely available without children being able to purchase and/ or consume them without penalty…

But his mention of oils and sex toys raises an interesting point. Marijuana lube already exists and it apparently dramatically enhances the sensations of sex, including orgasm. Disclaimer: this lube is primarily for the enhancement of female pleasure, men do not get anything like the same sensations as the female – although perhaps his pleasure will be all the greater because of her great pleasure?

The lube works like this: she applies the marijuana oil to her genitals before play commences – about twenty to forty minutes before. Just as with edibles, the drug takes time to take effect, so she should apply it and then you can either indulge in some serious foreplay or chill out for a little while watching a quick episode of your favourite sitcom. If the man goes down on her, he might enjoy some of the benefits of the lube from ingesting it, but don’t be tempted to eat the lube: it is not meant for consumption, it is designed to be used topically.

Once you begin to make love, you may be surprised to hear your woman laughing – not nastily or even because anything is funny, but with pure amazement at the sensations that she is feeling. Sex will feel great, with every pleasurable sensation enhanced. But that’s not even the best part: her orgasm will be even more intense and will last a very much longer time.

With this enhancement to the sexual experience already in existence, perhaps the advent of new lotions and sex toys will bring even more joy – and to both partners in the relationship!