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Sex and cults

by Beth Divine 25 Sep 2018

Sex is great. It is enjoyable (done right), it propagates the species, and is one of the basic needs of humanity along with food and shelter. But humanity has a long record of shooting itself in the foot when it comes to living fulfilling and complete lives, getting enough sleep, food and sex and avoiding bad stress and dangerous behaviours. And one of the worst facets of this capability is highlighted when it comes to religion, organised or otherwise.

Cults are quasi-religious organisations that follow very extreme versions of regular teachings often rejecting secular laws in favour of their own very stringent rules. Followers must adhere to these rules, and their whole lives must be dedicated to furthering the aims of the cult or to filling the coffers. Cults control every single aspect of a follower’s life, very much including their sex life. Partners are chosen by the leaders or inner circle, and marriages are usually performed within the cult, following ceremonies that may be drawn up by the leaders.

Sometimes the newlyweds must even apply for permission to have children and the number of times they have sex can also be controlled. In some cults, listening devices and security cameras are mounted everywhere so the leaders can check to see if their dictates are being obeyed.

The leaders of cults often – but not always – have a strong interest in sex. They love to have it, love to know who else is having it, and they love to control who is having it with who. This is because cults are often rooted in power – those who lead cults crave power and exercise complete control over their subjects to feed their craving for power – and sex can be about power too.

In many cults, free sex is frowned upon, and women are told that they must be ‘pure’ which usually translates to abstinent. However, the inner circle – and usually cults are run and dominated by men, and the inner circle is usually predominantly men too (obviously there are exceptions to this, but for the purposes of this blog post, we will run with a ‘typical’ cult, run by a man or men, with women being treated like valuable property to be guarded until they are handed out as rewards or to fulfil fantasies…). This group, the inner circle, manages to have a lot of sex. Sex with the leader can be chalked up as being a duty, with pregnancy to boost follower numbers often seen as a bonus. It can also be claimed to be a religious experience, or a route to enlightenment or progress.

Cults are dangerous places for their followers, and the best advice to anyone caught up in one is to find a safe way out as soon as possible – no one needs a power-hungry man to tell them what to do, and there is plenty of good, fulfilling sex out there that does not require the relinquishment of one’s worldly possessions and loss of contact with the outside world…