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Sexy gifts for him

by Beth Divine 24 Sep 2018

One of the great things about being in a steady relationship is the sense of belonging you have with each other. But it is all too easy for us to take the other for granted, slipping into comfortable ways that do not make the other partner feel loved or appreciated. This can lead to a loss of libido and worse, which in turn can lead to fights and the breakdown of the relationship. Giving your partner sexy gifts is a great way to remind them of all the fun times you have had together – which can rekindle the excitement of those early days. This can make the sex even better as you now know each other’s bodies and can both take pleasure in giving it!

Stress Boobs/ Bum

Everyone has seen a stress ball – a smallish squashy ball, about the size of a tennis ball. They are used to relieve tension by giving the owner an outlet for stress. Squeezing the stress ball releases pressure that otherwise might escape in the form of temper or ill-health. These stress balls are special because they are shaped like boobs or bottoms – giving a mild sexual thrill to the user. The boob comes complete with a nipple and is painted to look like a real boob, while the bum features a cleft dividing the two ‘cheeks’. They are made from soft but firm foam, allowing fingers to stroke and mould them as desired – perfect for your man if he tends to the uptight!

Kama Sutra Foreplay cards

Spice up your sex life with these cards – design a game and agree on the rules, before drawing a card or three and taking inspiration from the positions suggested on it. If this appeals to you, you can always find a copy of the full Kama Sutra and dedicate a few months or more to working your way through all the suggested sexual positions! (Bear in mind, the full Kama Sutra is a guide to living your best life in every way, not just the sexual aspect of it.) If you have had enough sex (polite pause for laughter) you can always play Snap or Patience with the cards – as well as sexual inspiration, they are also regular playing cards.

You in a Red Bow and Nothing Else!

There is an item, going by several names similar to the ‘naughty knot’, that any woman could buy and wear to instantly add pizzazz to her sex life. It is basically an enormous red bow, that can be positioned anywhere on the body. This makes it beautifully easy to dress up (down?) to surprise him with unexpected sex at the drop of a hat!