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Sexy gifts for him part 2

by Beth Divine 23 Sep 2018

One of the great things about being in a steady relationship is the sense of belonging you have with each other. But it is all too easy for us to take the other for granted, slipping into comfortable ways that do not make the other partner feel loved or appreciated. This can lead to a loss of libido and worse, which in turn can lead to fights and the breakdown of the relationship. Giving your partner sexy gifts is a great way to remind them of all the fun times you have had together – which can rekindle the excitement of those early days. This can make the sex even better as you now know each other’s bodies and can both take pleasure in giving it!

Chocolate body paint

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Well, okay, a few people and if your man is one of these, maybe choose a different flavour! But this body paint is a fun way to add some excitement to your bedtimes and to boost your appetite for each other. Apply the paint to your bodies, then set to work cleaning each other, thoroughly and slowly, enjoying it while you do so. A quick tip – bodies (even slim ones) are bigger than you think, so pick the places that you apply the paint to with great care – best advice is to shamelessly load up your erogenous zones, then lie back and wait to be stimulated as he licks you clean!

Nipple tassels

Usually something of a visual punchline, nipple tassels have fallen out of popular favour to a large extent. But feeling the pull of the dangling tassel can be very stimulating, as can getting them twirling proficiently. Truly gifted people can even get them twirling in opposite directions! Practise your twirling, then put on a little show for your man and wait for him to sweep your off your feet and give you the attentions you so richly deserve!

Stroker/ fleshlight

You can’t always be there for him – work, family, other commitments all take their toll – so why not give him something to remind him of you while he takes care of business himself. A stroker is a hollow tube, usually with interesting textures on the inside, into which the man inserts himself. He then uses the tube to masturbate, enjoying the sensations provided by the textures inside the stroker. A fleshlight looks like a flashlight, but this one won’t light up. Instead, there is a masturbator inside the tube, with a variable orifice. The orifices can be vaginas, mouths and asses, so your man can play with different sensations – maybe getting some ideas to try out the next time he comes to see you.