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Sexy gifts for her

by Beth Divine 22 Sep 2018

One of the great things about being in a steady relationship is the sense of belonging you have with each other. But it is all too easy for us to take the other for granted, slipping into comfortable ways that do not make the other partner feel loved or appreciated. This can lead to a loss of libido and worse, which in turn can lead to fights and the breakdown of the relationship. Giving your partner sexy gifts is a great way to remind them of all the fun times you have had together – which can rekindle the excitement of those early days. This can make the sex even better as you now know each other’s bodies and can both take pleasure in giving it!

Vibrator knickers

Vibrators no longer have to be great big long penis replicas – thanks to modern technology you can now get vibrators that are small, waterproof and extremely sturdy. Designers have created knickers with a built-in vibrator in the gusset, enabling her to please herself at any time that she likes.

And there is nothing as crude as her needing to put her hand in her panties to activate the vibrator – they come with a remote control. The remote looks like a chunky finger ring, and can be activated with a couple of discreet presses that can be disguised as a normal hand movement. This means that she can even get herself off in front of other people – in the middle of a boring meeting, for example, or while having her lunch break to satisfy a slightly more irregular appetite than the usual one…

But she doesn’t have to use the knicker vibrator solo! You can take control of the remote control and pleasure her at your will, teasing the settings until she has had enough and comes over to you to finish the job properly!

Thong with pleasure pearls

Along similar lines to the vibrating knickers, the pleasure pearl thongs are a low-tech way for her to enjoy delightful friction all day long. The thong fits comfortably, as thongs do, with strategically placed pearls that slide into and around her pleasure centre. The pearls are mounted on double strings, meaning that the thong can double as crotchless panties, allowing her man to slide into her without the need for any awkward undressing first.

Butt plug

Encourage her to get in touch with her naughty side and perhaps even start getting her ready to enjoy some anal play by getting her a butt plug of her very own. Butt plugs can be simple solid plastic, rubber or silicone, or they can come with working parts that vibrate, rotate, pulse and even thrust – all movements that have been proven to enhance sexual pleasure. Women can, despite some theories, orgasm from anal, it just has to be really, really good anal that hits the exact right spots (and a hand from her partner can help even more) so make an investment and let her get vibrating for more pleasure for both of you!