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Sexy gifts for her Part 2

by Beth Divine 21 Sep 2018

One of the great things about being in a steady relationship is the sense of belonging you have with each other. But it is all too easy for us to take the other for granted, slipping into comfortable ways that do not make the other partner feel loved or appreciated. This can lead to a loss of libido and worse, which in turn can lead to fights and the breakdown of the relationship. Giving your partner sexy gifts is a great way to remind them of all the fun times you have had together – which can rekindle the excitement of those early days. This can make the sex even better as you now know each other’s bodies and can both take pleasure in giving it!


A bullet is the name given to a very small, but very powerful, vibrator. Bullets can be used on the clitoris as a normal vibrator, but should not be inserted as they can travel too far up and become stuck – a most embarrassing and potentially serious problem! Rather, these small, discreet, and quiet gadgets are most often used to stimulate the erogenous zones such as the nipples, clitoris and the sensitive opening to the behind. Often, they can be used in conjunction with other toys to enhance intensity. Some dildos even have spaces into which a bullet can be slipped to transform it into a temporary vibrator. Bullets can also be used on men, stimulating their testicles and perineum – but do take care not to overdo it, these areas can be very sensitive indeed!

Magic wand

Any Harry Potter fan would be delighted to be given anything called a magic wand, and your girl will be no different with this heavy-duty vibrator that doubles as a massager. Wands, unlike regular vibrator, run off mains power, meaning that they can go and go and go – without the slightest drop in intensity! Invite your girl to bring her new toy into bed with you and see which bits of both of you benefit from a little bit of magic!

Board game

There are several sexy board games on the market these days. Have a browse and pick the one that appeals the most, then play your way around the board. Just, don’t be surprised if, like Jumanji, the games takes years to complete as you keep interrupting it to try out some of the inspiration you get from the gameplay! Once you’ve tried a sexy board game, it’s probably going to be quite difficult to get back to plain old Scrabble or Monopoly!