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Benefits of Orgasm for a Man

by Beth Divine 14 Sep 2018

Orgasm is often seen as the high point and the crescendo of sex, and – for men at least – it is most often attained by penetrative sex (or by masturbation if there are no willing partners around). But orgasm is far better than something that just feels good – it actually offers a lot of benefits to humans, improving both physical and mental health in a number of ways.

First of all intimacy is better. It is hard not to feel close to someone who has made you come, especially if they have made you come better than anyone else before… Sharing such a close moment – which some ancient people’s saw as being a moment in which a man’s mind went completely blank and thus he was able to contemplate the absolute divine – is an excellent way to cement your relationship         

Regular sex and orgasms help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It is believed that ejaculation rids the body of some toxins, and also promotes the healthy functioning of the body as a whole. This makes sense if you consider that the primary function of sex is to propagate and that only the healthiest specimens should breed – it is in the best interests of the species to ensure that sex and good health go together.

Orgasm also results in an improved immune system. This probably ties up with the breeding factors mentioned in the paragraph above, with the many benefits of keeping a healthy gene pool to ensure that the species survives in good shape.

Reduced pain is another useful side effect of orgasms. The moment of release floods the bodily systems with endorphins, a feel-good hormone, that eases inflammation and reduces pain. So if you have a bad back, reach for your partner rather than an ice pack and the heat rub!

There is also a reduction in the risk of erectile dysfunction of a physical nature. This means that if your issues are caused by medications you are on, or by a disease, then orgasm won’t help this. Orgasm relieves physical erectile dysfunction by working to build up and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Finally, the improvements to mental health from orgasm cannot be ignored. Simply having someone to have sex with can be a boost to the self-esteem, making young men feel as though they are deserving of happiness and intimacy. Tension is released with orgasm, so if work is stressful or frustrating a long happy shag can make a huge difference; and we all tend to sleep really well after an orgasm, leaving us more rested and ready to tackle whatever life has to throw at us.