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Ideas for Exciting Quickies – Do It Outside!

by Beth Divine 3 Sep 2018

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time for sex. It may be a lunch break from work, a little while before guests arrive or just a few minutes before school’s out and the kids will be coming home. But a quickie doesn’t have to be a hurried furtive affair, it can encompass some of the best, most mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever had! Here is how you and your partner can have great quickie sex – an excellent way to ensure that you have more and better sex than ever before!

Having sex in public is a Marmite kind of thing: you either love the idea and want to try it, or it is anathema and you cannot imagine anything more shaming and unsexy. Obviously, if you or your partner fall into the latter category, the idea of a quickie in a public place is not going to appeal at all. But if you have always wondered about it, you are not alone – many people toy with (and a fair percentage of them act upon their musings!). People llike the idea of having sex in public for three main reasons:

It’s their thing! Some people have little features or instances that really turn them on. It could be bare feet or toe-rings, long silken hair or a beauty spot near the mouth. It can be a certain smell – cedarwood, cinnamon or lavender, for example – or a certain sensation – the cool glide of silk sheets, the cling of rubber, or the cosiness of a knitted blanket. These things are not necessarily sexual, being sensual pleasures that anyone could enjoy, but for those with a kink for them, it can be an active turn-on. For these people, the sensation of being naked – or partially so – in public, or the idea of having sex in public is their turn on. Sometimes people pretend to have a kink in order to be more interesting to their partner, or for reasons best known to themselves, and these people will occasionally indulge in a quickie in the outdoors – perhaps finding something that really works for them?

Exhibitionists love attention. They will do anything to get, anything at all, and this includes having sex not only in public, but in a place where they are bound to be seen by others. This sort of voyeuristic tendency can be organised into a dogging group, or it can be a private thing, done on the spur of the moment as the mood takes them. While having sex is not illegal, and in fact, having sex in public is not illegal (in the UK, that is, other countries have other laws, and the United States of America boasts differing rules depending on what state you are in) there are still many precautions to take. Avoid areas that house schools, jails and rehabilitation facilities and do make sure that you will not be caught – while the act is not illegal, if someone complains, you may be found guilty of indecent exposure, behaviour likely to alarm, distress or harass another, and any of a number of similar offences. So while having sex in pubic is not illegal, it can become so if it causes hurt or offense to another person.

The last kind of person who might be tempted to try having sex out of doors are the those in search of a little spice to add to their sex lives. These people are more likely to make sure that they are unobserved, and being caught in the act, far from being the goal or a laugh as it would be for exhibitionists, would be hugely shaming.

Which camp do you fall into? The ‘hell no’, the ‘sure, why not’s, the ‘the more the merrier’ or the ‘ooh, yes, but only if it’s safe’ camp? Whichever side of the toss you fall, you are sure to be in good company!