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Ideas for Exciting Quickies – Take Care of Her First

by Beth Divine 4 Nov 2018

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time for sex. It may be a lunch break from work, a little while before guests arrive or just a few minutes before school’s out and the kids will be coming home. But a quickie doesn’t have to be a hurried furtive affair, it can encompass some of the best, most mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever had! Here is how you and your partner can have great quickie sex – an excellent way to ensure that you have more and better sex than ever before!

When you are planning a quickie – no matter where or in what circumstances you are working, always spend a bit of time making sure your lady is good and ready for it. Some women are totally turned on by the idea of sneaking off for a quick one: in the bathroom, on the kitchen table, up against the back fence, but others might need a little bit of persuasion.

This is especially true if it is something that she has never done before – she may be intrigued and curious to try it, but her body may be a bit more reluctant to get on board with it all! Therefore – and obviously depending on the situation – if you can, spend some time before the action starts, helping her to be ready for sex. If you are alone already, perhaps watching TV or sitting reading, you can begin to stroke her breasts or her upper thighs. Through her clothing is fine and can add some spice to proceedings! In Japan, it is quite common to leave one or more items of clothing in place during the act – making foreplay and the act itself more mysterious as there is much left to the imagination.

If you are in company, and such actions would be frowned upon, you can get her in the mood by whispering what you would like to do with her. Women have very strong sexual imaginations, and some can even orgasm simply by thinking through the arousal process, so talk her through some of the things that you would like to do to her – or get her to tell you what she would like you to do. Psst, take note of these things, they will score you muy brownie points later on!

One way to make things even more exciting is to wait until you are both so turned on that it is impossible to think of anything except sliding the other’s pants off and going at it as hard as you can. This often results in very short, but very intense and pleasurable nookie sessions, with deep, mind-blowing orgasms that are bound to raise a smile on both your faces whenever you think about it!