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Ideas for Exciting Quickies – Put yourself on the clock

by Beth Divine 3 Nov 2018

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time for sex. It may be a lunch break from work, a little while before guests arrive or just a few minutes before school’s out and the kids will be coming home. But a quickie doesn’t have to be a hurried furtive affair, it can encompass some of the best, most mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever had! Here is how you and your partner can have great quickie sex – an excellent way to ensure that you have more and better sex than ever before!

Give yourself a set time to be finished by – and then once you have managed that, make the time even shorter. This pressure to perform gives you a kind of anxiety – as long as you buy into the deadline – which raises the thrill and pleasure of orgasm.

Let us say that you and your partner are a bit bored. Sex happens in bed, and it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes, after five or ten minutes’ foreplay. You go until she comes, then you have your turn to come. You snuggle for a while, and it’s all over until same time next week. Or whatever interval you are at – those in a fresh new relationship will be at each other like rabbits, and there is unlikely to be any vanilla boredom setting in just yet. There is a saying that sex occurs triweekly at first. Then you try weekly. Finally, you try weakly to get it on…

So, this is for the latter two stages, not the first! Introduce the idea of an occasional quickie by teaming it with a bit of role play. You could pretend to be strangers to each, meeting and being deeply attracted to each other. You could then hook up, but with the storyline that ‘my partner will be back in seven minutes, your time starts now!’ For some people this time constraint will be a problem rather than a pleasure but do try it – for some it can be an enormous stimulus! It also allows you both off the foreplay hook, with little time allowed for it.

Do remember to bring along some lube as this can help ease sex, especially when it is happening so very quickly, but don’t allow yourself to think that lube is a substitute for tenderness – while vigour is allowed, roughness or violence is most certainly not! The joy of a quickie is that you can pound away at each other, both chasing your own orgasm, with little finesse needed – it can be a very selfish act, but a mutually satisfying one if you both get what you wanted!