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Ideas for Exciting Quickies – Just add water!

by Beth Divine 2 Nov 2018

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time for sex. It may be a lunch break from work, a little while before guests arrive or just a few minutes before school’s out and the kids will be coming home. But a quickie doesn’t have to be a hurried furtive affair, it can encompass some of the best, most mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever had! Here is how you and your partner can have great quickie sex – an excellent way to ensure that you have more and better sex than ever before!

There is a reason that many movies and television shows feature sex happening in a watery place, either on a beach, next to or inside a pool, even in the bath or shower.  Water is very sensual, and it keeps us clean, even when we are being our naughtiest! It is probably because our very first nine months of existence, during gestation, we are entirely submerged in and protected by liquid that we have such an affinity with a substance that very often kills or hurts us!

So, bearing in mind the risks and dangers of – ahem – water-based activities, here is how you can have a splashing good time in just a few moments:

There is a (hopefully apocryphal) anecdote about how assassinated US president John Kennedy (JFK) used to enjoy getting his (many) beautiful girlfriends to fellate him while they romped in a jacuzzi or hot tub. He also apparently liked to have sex in the hot tub, and would push his girl’s head under the water for the last minutes of the act. The possible reasons for this are two-fold: The increasingly frantic struggles of the girl to return to the surface to breath might have been an immense turn-on to him, or, it might be that the lack of oxygen could cause more intense orgasms for her… Either way, whether you take the ‘semi-murderous control-freak’ view or the ‘enlightened teacher of great pleasure’ route, this was, if true, a hugely dangerous act and should never be emulated without a lot of care, discussion and preparation – and even then, you should have contingency plans in place.

One all of these considerations have been noted, plan your session. Have water-resistant lube to hand, although you can use some bathroom products in the event of a very spontaneous and unplanned nookie bout, hair conditioner and some gentle fragrance-free soaps can make excellent substitutes. Invest in a non-slip mat if you want to recreate your favourite movie shower scene, make sure that you have towels down in case things get very splashy!