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Ideas for Exciting Quickies - film it!

by Beth Divine 2 Nov 2018

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of time for sex. It may be a lunch break from work, a little while before guests arrive or just a few minutes before school’s out and the kids will be coming home. But a quickie doesn’t have to be a hurried furtive affair, it can encompass some of the best, most mind-blowing orgasms you’ve ever had! Here is how you and your partner can have great quickie sex – an excellent way to ensure that you have more and better sex than ever before!

Is amateur porn one of your favourite categories? Seeing the regular, everyday people who could easily be your neighbours or colleagues enjoying sexy time with their regular partners or even with complete strangers, especially when they have unfeigned orgasms on screen.

This is not to say that more scripted porn is a bad thing – we all have fetishes and desires and the many different types of porn fulfil needs for the many different types of viewers!

If you really love amateur porn, you might be interested in making your own film of you and your partner getting up to dickens. As always, a few rules and disclaimers first.

Always, always, always get the consent of the person that you will be starring with. Not only is it a massive breach of trust to film someone when they are at their most vulnerable, but it is illegal in many countries carrying the risk of a fine, a prison sentence and inclusion on the sex offenders’ register for a minimum of ten years, but more likely for life. It is simply not worth the risk, apart from being a douche move…

When you and your partner have agreed that making a film sounds like an exciting idea, set up your camera and make sure that the view is wide enough to cover the whole field of play – you may move around more than you realise while in the throes of passion! Make sure there is enough space on the memory card and enough battery power to last, then get down to business!

Remember to keep it short and sweet – everyone will be bored watching long minutes of subtle foreplay, no matter how pleasant it feels to you! Perhaps even get all the foreplay over and done with before you start the camera rolling!

Once you have made your sex tape, make sure you very carefully monitor where it ends up. As a general rule do not share it with anyone that you wouldn’t trust with your most precious secret, and never ever put it onto a device that has internet access – it is only as safe as your weakest password and there are people who actively hunt for this sort of content aiming to shame and embarrass those who create it in innocence!

So protect your tape and make sure that it is only used appropriately – for your pleasure and that of your partner.