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Facials: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

by Beth Divine 8 Nov 2018

If you have watched any porn at all, you have seen a facial or two (unless you watch exclusively lesbian porn, or very niche fetish stuff!). A facial is the name for the shot when the male porn star comes or ejaculates onto the woman’s face. Now, some people watch this and shrug it off, others watch it and think, ‘Yuck, how degrading and awful, I would never…’ while still others watch it and think, ‘Ooh, I wonder what that would be like, I’m going to ask [insert partner’s name] if he/ she wants to give it a go…’ Obviously, if you fall into either of the first two categories, you will not be interested in going any further, but if you are one of those who are curious, there are ways to let your partner know that you would like to try it out. Here are a few things that you should think about first.

First of all, make sure that the ejaculator is disease-free. Obviously, you should get tested regularly if you have a lot of different partners or when you start a new relationship. And do bear in mind that many STIs can spread through fluid to skin contact, it does not only happen during penetrative sex.

For some people ejaculating on their partner’s face is a control fetish – they want to feel as though they dominate their partner, and this can have a poor effect on the relationship unless there is a known and acknowledged sub-dom balance already. Sometimes you may feel that your relationship is good and strong, only for something like a facial or other slightly unusual sexual act to throw that balance out of kilter. Be aware of this and make sure you and your partner discuss how it was for them, honestly and fairly quickly after you have given it a go.

Ejaculate on the skin is not necessarily icky or gross. It is full of proteins, and some of these are very good moisturisers. If you aren’t revolted by the thought, try rubbing the cum into your face and see if your complexion sees any benefits from it. Who knows, maybe you’ve found your new, budget-friendly moisturiser that make you the envy of all your friends!

Some other points that should be mentioned are to always be careful: some people are allergic to some of the proteins in semen, and having a faceful of an allergenic compound is never going to end well… You can’t exactly do a patch test, but maybe have your partner come or partially come on an unobtrusive body part, such as your belly or your thigh before you go for the full facial? In fact, some people prefer to have their partner come on their butt, belly or boobs, rather than in their face… But if you do decide to go for the face, remember that there will be a surprising quantity of cum, shooting out very fast, and it is astonishingly warm! Make sure there is some kind of warning at the point of orgasm, and the receiving partner should squeeze their eyes as tightly shut as they can – cum in the eyes can really sting!