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Staying Home at the Opera

by Beth Divine 17 Nov 2018

There is something magnificent about a night at the theatre or the opera: the beautiful clothes, the impeccable grooming, the airing of jewels so expensive that the bank manager and insurance agents cry when they are notified that they will be taken out of the secure bank deposit boxes in which they normally live. The ambiance of the audience at a theatre or opera house is worth experiencing even without the actual performance, but the high prices can be very off-putting to almost everyone except the super rich*.

*Disclaimer: theatres have realised that this is an issue and will often offer banks of seats at very modest prices – more bottoms on seats results in improved profits, even if the seat prices have been reduced, as the customers will buy food, drinks, programmes and other mementoes. And if they have a good time, they will return over and over.

But it is a sad fact that many of us cannot afford to frequent theatres as often as we would like to, even with reduced price seating available. Sometimes, the knowledge that such an outing will not be repeatable very often can lead people to not venture out at all – why, they reason, should I go somewhere that I will not be able to go whenever I want to? Or, they simply don’t want to take a chance and go to an event that they might not like in the first place?

This is where virtual reality is coming to the rescue. Imagine being able to ‘attend’ a full, authentic opera experience, from the safety and comfort of your own home, in your sweats, but putting on a gorgeous show for other virtual reality attendees – your avatar can be designed to look just the way you wish you did, and you can dress them in designed duds for nothing (as long as they are preloaded into the platform, of course!)

You would be able to spend two or three hours at the opera – in opera houses all over the world, travel is literally effortless with virtual reality! – and then return home, enjoying the best of the cultural highlife, without any of the expenses or time spent on fancy peripherals.

Talk about the best of both worlds!