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Stormy Daniels vs Trump: Who’s Winning Now?

by Beth Divine 17 Nov 2018

Stormy Daniels is, of course, the porn star who has recently shot to fame because of her battle with Donald Trump. Apparently, the story runs, Donald Trump had a fling (for which read fairly bad sex) with Stormy, in March or April 2006. This was, a quick google will confirm for you, approximately around the time that Melania Trump, Don’s second or third wife, had just presented him with his youngest child, the now twelve-year-old Barron.

For whatever reason, Donald Trump decided to deny this fling, and the fact that he had sicced his lawyer onto Stormy, attempting to force her to hold her tongue, allegedly with both offers of cash and physical threats, disturbingly against Stormy Daniels’ daughter. You would think that a man who thinks that women ‘let him’ grab ‘em by the pussy, a man who ‘doesn’t ask, I just kiss’, a man who spends much of his time judging women purely on aesthetics (and on standards on which he falls very short himself, whatever his positive points, if there are any, his looks are not high on the list) calling them ‘pigs’ and rating them out of ten, no matter what they have achieved or what qualifications they have – you would think such a man would have admitted the fling with Stormy, pointed out how very hot she was and appealed to his unbelievably supportive base by saying something like: ‘Wouldn’t you tap that if you had the chance?’ Given recent past history, he would have completely pulled it off.

Stormy Daniels has responded to Trump’s growing hysteria about the whole affair and its becoming public by remaining calm and cool, reiterating her story (which remains the same at every retelling) as often as she needs to. His bad-tempered attempts to make her go away have resulted in Stormy writing a book, extracts of which have recently been released.

The most interesting and, let’s be honest, amusing part has been the revelation that Trump’s – ahem – endowments are rather less than he often implies. In fact, she said it reminded her of a short fat mushroom, rather like Mr Toad from Mariokart. Now, it is never nice to pick on someone for their personal appearance, and especially for something that they cannot help – but Trump is so unrelentingly nasty about any person who dares to correct or contradict him, especially if they are women, disabled, BAME or anything other than a straight white male, that it seems more acceptable in this case…