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Penile Dysmorphic Disorder

by Beth Divine 19 Nov 2018

One thing that porn is responsible for, according to the medical profession who are dealing with the fallout of this thing, is the rise of a condition called penile dysmorphic disorder. The condition is pretty much what it sounds like: the unreasonable belief or fear that one’s penis is embarrassingly small or deformed in some way.

This has happened because male porn stars tend to have extra large cocks – they sometimes only go into the work to showcase their splendid appendages. So young men, who are often left uneducated by the system, their parents and their schools as to the finer points of sex and turn to porn for some self-education instead, mature believing that their perfectly normal sized penises are too small, lacking in testicular magnificence.

It may surprise these lads to know that the average penis size – globally – is a mere three point six inches when flaccid or soft, and just over five inches when erect. Most men tend to claim that their penis is bigger than it really is – and then they feel guilty and anxious when they are in situations where their penis might be on view to other men – all of whom, they believe, have much bigger, and therefore better, penises.

This anxiety may seem laughable to those who have great confidence in their body and who enjoy a good body image, but it can lead to depression, self harm and has seen a sharp increase in searches and requests for medical intervention.

Now, penis enlargement surgery doesn’t actually change the length of the penis. Instead, fat is taken from elsewhere on the body, and is injected into the penis, increasing girth by, usually less than an inch. Doctors say that the operation is not always successful, and many of them tend to try and counsel their patients into not having the surgery.

One man insisted on having the fat injections, despite the doctors proving that his slightly smaller than average sized soft penis (three inches) grew to a very respectable and enticing six and a half inches: he was actually bigger – by a substantial margin – when erect than most other men, and his girth (the only thing to be affected by the procedure) was already very impressive. His entire problem, says his surgeon, lay in his belief that his penis was too small, and that women would laugh at or spurn him… He had the surgery and looked very little different to the surgeon’s eyes, but was very happy with the operation and enjoyed greater confidence and more success with the ladies.

However, the operation is not always successful. Erections sometimes do not rise straight, unwanted swelling can make the erection look lumpy, and the fat injections do not always fill out the penis smoothly. It is better by far to do some research and perhaps come to terms with the fact that your penis is perfectly adequate, just as it is, and your best bet is to learn how to use it to good effect.