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Fake Celeb Sex Tape

by Beth Divine 26 Nov 2018

This blog recently featured a piece about how faked celeb sex tapes were being created and disseminated using photoshop style video editing software. Fortunately, those in charge of websites where such faked clips are featured have woken up to either the immorality of their actions, or they’ve had a word from a few high-powered lawyers. Either way, they are beginning to take down faked footage.

Some of the footage is easily spotted as fake: why would an A-list celebrity, who is known to make millions from one movie, need to make a sex tape? Especially one showing them being degraded and treated poorly by a male porn star who is almost entirely unknown? Of course, they wouldn’t. So that favourite clip you have bookmarked, showing Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johansson, deep-throating or being subject to multiple penetrations, is highly unlikely to be real.

However, this sort of thing can be a literal blight on a young and upcoming star’s career. If they are newly famous and a porn tape pops up, they are unknown enough for it to potentially be real. Claiming that it’s faked – even with perfect truth – can be ignored as many people prefer to believe the superficial ‘evidence’ of their own eyes, without any attempt being made to investigate claims of fakery. This can be from sheer laziness, or it can be a kind of malicious enjoyment of someone else’s  downfall – it doesn’t matter how hard the young star has worked for their burgeoning fame, some nasty types love to ruin careers just because they can…

However, as mentioned above, these clips are being found and removed, restoring confidence in young actors and porn producers alike – after all, who wants to watch their favourite star enjoying a favourite sex act, only to find out that you’ve been duped, and that you do not actually know what your preferred movie star looks like when he or she is naked?