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Who Cheats More: Men or Women?

by Beth Divine 27 Nov 2018

Traditionally, it has been assumed that women do not like sex as much as men. Along with this came a lack of understanding about female pleasure and how to achieve it, and a firm statement that men need – need – sex in a way that women do not, and that men get bored with the same old same old, requiring fun and variety in their nookie, while women are happy with the same sex every time. This is because the people doing the studies have long been men, who had been raised to think that women were delicate flowers who didn’t like anything nasty like the pleasures of the flesh. However, recent studies, this time undertaken without any of these male oriented preconceptions, have found that the absolute opposite is true…

Women tend to eschew one-night stands – unless they have not had sex for a long time, and are feeling particularly horny, in which case they may well pick someone up to satisfy their urges – and usually like to know a bit about who it is that they are getting into bed with. This is partly because women are more at risk of violence from men than men are from women, and knowing a little about the person that you are about to be alone and intimate with is a good way to stay relatively safe.

But this does not mean that women necessarily like monogamy. Studies have shown that women are more likely to express interest in secondary sexual relationships, ie cheating, even if they are happily in a long-term relationship. It is just that a woman’s cheating will be more like a secondary relationship, with involvement of emotions and caring, whilst a man’s cheating is more often a one-time purely physical fling, such as with a hooker or similar.

But the point is that men are less likely to cheat, and even to think about cheating. It seems that as long as men are getting a reasonable amount of sex, they are inclined to let the status quo be. It is women who look for more – even when they are arguably getting enough…