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VR New Releases: Stormland, Wolfenstein Cyberpilot, Gungrave VR

by Beth Divine 2 Dec 2018

Here is a quick rundown of three recent or upcoming virtual reality game releases. See if your favourites are coming back, and if they have been handled correctly or ruined by money-hungry corporate types:

Stormland: The excitingly titled Stormland is a VR action adventure game that is sure to capture your interest and your enthusiasm. Explore unknown islands, discover hidden treasures and grapple with new and wonderful technology. But it is not only the storyline and the missions that make this game a delight to work through – the physics engines have been crafted to make the best of both virtual reality advances, but also motion capture and video perspectives. In short, the game looks great, the movements and weightiness of objects are authentically designed, and it works realistically in a virtual reality world. The game is due for release in 2019 – not long to go at all!

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot: Wolfenstein was one of the very first video games, adored by fans around the word despite the clunky graphics, the laggy play and the awkward play (compared to games now, that is – for the time, they were cutting edge and completely mind-blowing!). So to hear that there is a new version, updated and improved for the 20-teens, was a very exciting prospect. Almost too exciting, and the reality has not – so far – lived up to the hype. Visually, the game is good, but the controls are heavy and unresponsive, and there is no apparent interaction between the avatar’s hands and all the controls which is frustrating. Due for release in 2019, let’s hope the producers rethink things and include the best of the new tech with the best of the old well-loved formulation…

Gungrave VR: released last December, Gungrave brought back the well known and loved character Grave, from 2004’s sequel Gungrave: Overdose (itself a continuation of the original game: Gungrave). Gungrave VR is a bold mixture of first person play and third person action, with a good and compelling storyline driving the action.

Is one of these your favourite game? Let us know what you think, and suggest a couple of other games we could try out in the comment box below.