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VR New Releases: Ghost Giant, Firewall Zero Hour, Tetris Effect

by Beth Divine 3 Dec 2018

Here is a quick rundown of three recent or upcoming virtual reality game releases. See if your favourites are coming back, and if they have been handled correctly or ruined by money-hungry corporate types:

Ghost Giant: Unusually – but delightfully – Ghost Giant is not a first person shooter, nor is any kind of destruction for points required. Instead the game is about friendship, with the player, as the eponymous ghostly giant befriending a fox (boy?) named Louis. Much of the game shows the benefits of friendship, with the player guiding and helping Louis navigate his way through the game. Zoink and Swedish writer Sara Bergmark Elfgren (who has previously written and had published a highly successful fantasy series) teamed up on this project, and the overall feel is one of sweet fellowship, rather than the usual kill-em-or-die narrative that is more usually on offer.

Firewall Zero Hour: The format of this game is pretty familiar – it rolls out a scenario that is often seen on television. The ‘good guys’ ie the player and his or her crew, need to breach physical firewalls, access a laptop, and steal the data. All the while ensuring that they don’t get caught and killed. The game is tightly plotted and well done, and in virtual reality this adds greatly to the immersion within the game. Play is predictable, but still exciting due to the immersiveness of the writing and gameplay.

Tetris Effect: Tetris is thirty four years old, which makes it the great, great, great granddaddy of games – and yet it is still as popular as ever. The simple premise: stack blocks to make lines, preferably four at a time, is addictive because of the subtle increase in difficulty that comes along every now and then, and putting this whole game into VR has only added to the attraction. The name comes from a phenomenon that many Tetris fans will recall – the illusion of seeing bricks falling even when they are no longer playing. Who knows how bad the Tetris Effect will be when it is earned in a lengthy virtual reality stint?

Is one of these your favourite game? Let us know what you think, and suggest a couple of other games we could try out in the comment box below.