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Mature Sex

by Beth Divine 11 Dec 2018

Should older women be having lots of sex? Doesn’t everything dry up and sexual urges die away? Well, yes to the first question and no to the second. In a way.

Women do suffer from some dryness with age, usually with the advent of the menopause, but annoyingly for women, this usually coincides with – or follows very closely – an upsurge in libido.

It is only in her forties that a woman becomes fully comfortable and confident with her sexual wants and needs, but it is in her late forties and early fifties that the menopause begins. What exactly is the menopause?

Broadly speaking, menopause is when women stop having their periods and reach a stage when they can no longer become pregnant naturally. This is caused by a decline in natural levels of oestrogen, and begins to happen in the mid-forties.

A woman is born with all the eggs she is ever going to need in her ovaries. These are released, usually one at a time, but sometimes in twos, threes or more (hence twins, quads, etc). It is these eggs not being fertilized that causes a period to happen. The uterus prepares for a pregnancy, laying down a lining in which the fertilised egg would implant itself. When the fertilisation does not happen, the lining falls away, becoming period blood. Menopause occurs when oestrogen levels decline enough that an egg is no longer released, and periods cease.

Of course, menopause doesn’t happen quickly – first there is the peri-menopause, a time of irregular periods, hormone fluctuations, hot flushes, and a number of other symptoms that can make life quite difficult for the women. Unfairly, this stage can last up to ten years before full menopause takes effect.

But the whole question of whether menopausal women should have sex – even if they want sex – is one that is easily answered: of course they do! Women have needs and urges just the same as men, and just because their desires are more changeable than a man’s does not mean they are not important or deserving of satisfaction.

Older women have a lot to offer, even younger virile men: they are passionate, they know what they like, they are compassionate, and they have a lot of experience – in short, they will make sure that everyone has a very good time indeed!