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Milfs – Why Would You?

by Beth Divine 13 Dec 2018

Younger women get great press. Men drool over the idea of tight pussies, firm asses and youthful elastic skin. But younger women tend to be more insecure about sex, especially if they have been raised in heteronormative societies where women are meant to be pretty, biddable and basically uninterested in sex except as a fulfilment of a duty to their man.

Older women, especially those who have had children already, are seen as being old, saggy and tired, often uninterested in sex as they obsess about their children, playdates, and making costumes for school plays with about two hours’ notice. Women who are mothers are also regarded as saints: Madonna-like figures (not the pop star!) who have somehow transcended sex and other fleshly desires. For these reasons, mothers are often disregarded as sexy symbols of femininity, being regarded instead as martyrs on the altar of societal expectation.

But sexual drives in women tend to increase from the late twenties onwards – from, roughly, the time they begin to have children and their children start school, giving them a bit more free time along with an understanding of what, exactly, they like sexually and the confidence to ask for or go out and get it.

This is probably why the category of ‘milf’ is one of the most popular porn categories out there. Mothers tend to be able to handle bigger cocks, sometimes enjoy more vigorous sex and they are confident enough to be able to express their interest in trying new positions and different sexual tricks – they are also unafraid to demand and achieve orgasm without feeling embarrassed or ashamed of expressing their wants.

This all adds up to the possibility of a mutually satisfying experience in which both parties have a wonderfully good time, and then go about their separate ways until next time. Because another thing milfs are good at is not getting attached during no strings attached sexual liaisons – for them a good romp in bed can be cathartic, a release before returning to their regular daily round.