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Botox Curbing Sexual Pleasure?

by Beth Divine 14 Dec 2018

Botox is something like marmite. You either love it or you hate it – love it for the youthful way it frees up your face from frown lines and aging wrinkles, returning you to your youthful smoothness; or hate it for the way it can immobilise faces, making it hard to read someone’s emotions.

For the haters, there is no another reason to possibly dislike it: researchers have recently posited the theory that using Botox to prevent facial movement can actually impact on the feelings and emotions behind those facial indicators.

It has long been stated that if you force yourself to smile – for example at a party, or while at work at your dead end retail job (*Disclaimer – not all retail jobs are dead-ends!) you will actually begin to feel happier. Likewise, frowning and scowling to feign anger or upset can cause genuine feelings of upset. It is believed that the link between facial expressions and the emotions that supposedly cause them is a lot more fluid than most people realise, and that faking the emotion on your face can lead your body to produce the appropriate hormones to feel the emotion for real.

Now this might just be a mildly interesting justification for those annoying men telling women to ‘smile’ (hint: it’s really not, don’t do it, you don’t know why she’s looking sad or upset), except for one fact that has recently emerged. Several women – a significant proportion of those surveyed – who had Botox stated that their sexual response had become muted. These women included several who were sexually active and who had been so for many years before Botox, so they know exactly what a good sexually satisfying outcome should feel like.

Researchers now think that the emotional response triggered by the facial movements might extend through the whole body – meaning that allowing your full ‘cum-face’ to cross your visage might actually help your orgasm feel more intense, while stifling it can stifle response in your privates.

Several of the women regret having Botox given that their orgasms are now more elusive, rarer and are not as intense when they do arrive. Fortunately, the effects of Botox do eventually wear off, so all the ladies should be able to experience the desired levels of sexual pleasure once again – and one wonders if they will once again trade off a beautiful orgasm against an emotionless and immobile face?