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Virtual Reality – Kids’ Stuff or Adult Fare?

by Beth Divine 17 Dec 2018

Virtual reality is sometimes dismissed as being a mere gaming platform, only of use to children and young adults who seek to evade the real world for a while by escaping into immersive game and fantasy worlds. But virtual reality is rapidly transforming the world, showing that it can be useful in many different scenarios including in ways not envisioned when the medium was invented. This is fairly typical of today’s world though: over sixty per cent of children currently in school will work in jobs that have not yet been invented… Here are some of the ways that virtual reality can change the world around us.

Education: Teaching is so much easier when it is immersive. The change between dull book learning with perhaps a picture or two to liven up the lesson, and film reproductions of historical events is amazing enough, but with virtual reality, teachers can actually take children inside the world that they are teaching, showing them nuclear fission, the Mariana’s Trench, the moon and depths of space, even the times when dinosaurs walked the earth. Learning about something while surrounded by it and experiencing it is amazing – the lesson is learned deeply, and can spark an unquenchable and long burning love of the topic, whatever it may be

Medicine: Medical processes can be practised by both doctors and patients, so both know what will happen. The body can be explored in new ways, with virtual reality systems able to show exploded diagrams of living bodies to help doctors pinpoint issues, and work out treatment methods that can be used in the least invasive, most successful ways. Virtual reality is also tremendously useful in helping patients with mental conditions such as PTSD.

Sex: Virtual Reality is already transforming porn. Instead of passively watching, viewers can take the place of the porn star, thereby ‘enjoying’ taking part in the ensuing footage. The depth of immersion and realism experienced depends on the suit that the viewer is wearing – there are suits with sensors all over them, and you can even buy them with built in masturbators with authentic feeling orifices so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience.

The future will probably see a sharp spike in robotics, with a merger between robots and virtual reality enabling people to fully immerse themselves in other worlds, complete with interactive ‘people’ that they can touch, smell and taste – if nothing else, sex as we know it could become a thing of the past!