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What is a Merry-go-round?

by Beth Divine 18 Dec 2018

Recently, sexual assault has been in the news again – would it not be lovely one day to be surprised by a report of sexual violence, assault or rape? I think it would… – anyway, this particular incident was about a woman in Ireland who stated that she had been raped by at least two and possibly three rugby players.

A quick recap of the case: she was at an event and met a number of sports personalities, including the above rugby players. After some interaction with the rugby players during which one attempted to seduce her and she refused, she was raped when she returned upstairs to reclaim her handbag. While the one rugby player was raping her, another player came in to the room. While two of them were raping her, a third entered the room. She managed to free herself, gathered her clothes and left, bleeding heavily and upset. She was accompanied by a fourth rugby player against whom no charges were raised – he saw her safely home, and she was grateful for that. They used a taxi to get to her home and the taxi driver reported that she was visibly upset and crying, as well as bleeding. She reported the crime. During the trial, the rugby players were asked for their side of the story and they denied it, claiming all the sex was consensual and that the woman was having her period as an explanation for the blood. They were acquitted of any wrongdoing.

However, messages sent between them in the days following the attack show that they were boastful of their actions, and they claimed to have ‘roasted’ a bird, as in spit-roasting – more about which in another blog post, and also to have had a merry-go-round with her. Now, this is not a very commonly known sexual term – so what, exactly, is a merry-go-round?

A merry-go-round is, apparently, the practise of three or more men circling a woman who is almost always on her hands and knees, thrusting their penises into her vagina or anus and into her mouth. In essence they go around and around, and their interaction with any one orifice can be as short as one to three thrusts up to a few minutes at each ‘station’.

Now, it is perfectly possible to have a consensual spit roast, and a consensual merry-go-round – but if the woman is bleeding, if she says ‘no’ (even if it is quietly sad and is not accompanied by struggling, or fighting – often terror renders a person apparently acquiescent even though they are loathing every second on it), in fact, unless you get a loud and enthusiastic ‘yes!’, assume that she does not consent, and that you should stop whatever it is you are doing until you get that unequivocal agreement…