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An Examination of Spit Roasting

by Beth Divine 24 Dec 2018

Porn has introduced many sexual positions to the world at large – reverse cowgirl being possibly the most famous – because of the need for the audience to see the action up close and as personal as possible. Some of these positions have – like reverse cowgirl – become so mainstream that they are commonly touted in sexual guides, especially if the position allows for deeper penetration and greater contact with the clitoris or g-spot.

Spit roasting however, is one of the more marginal positions that is more speculative than effective for sexual pleasure. That is to say, they have been utilised in porn movies because they ask the questions: is it possible to…? and what happens if…? That means that porn consumers or producers have wondered about the physical possibilities in certain positions or acts, and, feeling that others would also like to have the same curiosity assuaged, they have written a script to showcase such an event. This encompasses things like double penetration – both anal DP and vaginal DP as well as one in each orifice at the same time – and staged situations like bukkake simulations, gang bangs and orgies.

In order for human orgasm to be achieved, a certain amount of time needs to be spent working towards it – this is not going to happen if sexual positions are constantly being changed and athletic and sometimes quite uncomfortable poses are required!

Some porn stars refuse to take part in such scenes, because they hurt – sometimes a lot – and they can be damaging, while others are more sanguine – or more flexible! – about it. Often a willing star will perhaps try a few of the more extreme stunts for a short time, but she will then refuse to continue, realising just how awkward, painful or even how demeaning taking on such acts can be. Even male porn stars do not take as much pleasure from such scenes as they usually do – and the reason why is quite easy to understand. Forcing one’s penis into a vagina alongside another man’s penis (or into an ass while the vagina already contains a penis or vice versa) is not comfortable. Most straight men take no pleasure in performing sex scenes with other men, and it can be difficult to maintain an erection in the presence of another red-blooded male.

It is usually quite easy to tell a sex scene that has been staged with curiosity and professional athleticism from a scene that is designed for both parties to have a good time and reach mutually satisfying orgasm – mainly because both parties will struggle to come with the first kind of scene, and because both parties will visibly enjoy the latter type of scene more. Some people do like to watch such scenes, and because of this, they will continue to be featured. Just do not try them at home without clear and enthusiastic consent from everyone involved!