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Make up – Pros and Cons

by Beth Divine 21 Dec 2018

Women wear make-up to make themselves seem prettier than they really are, so they can attract a man. Heard this one before, perhaps? Or maybe – the slightly more chilling: Women wear make up because they’re deceptive witches and do not want men to realise what they’re really like until it is too late? That is another one that is heard a lot in certain murky segments of the internet. Why do women wear make up? What do they hope to get from it? And does it work?

As with lingerie, most women wear make up for themselves. While there might be some young women who plaster on the cosmetics in the hope of appearing prettier to men, or with the hope of catching a boyfriend, this trait generally does not last too long. Women then begin to stop putting on make up, or they begin to wear it for themselves, accentuating the bits of their face that they like – big eyes, defined cheek bones, a cute nose, etc.

But the reason for wearing make up is not all that straight forward, and there are, in fact, two main reasons that people wear it: the first is to enhance their natural prettiness, the second is because they think they look absolutely hideous without it. Thus, women who fall into the first category might be horrified to see a plain girl putting on a lot of make up, feeling as though the plain girl doesn’t ‘deserve’ the prettiness that make up can bring.

Likewise, a plain girl might be annoyed with a pretty girl for wearing make up that she ‘doesn’t need’ according to the plain girl…

Still other women do not like to wear make up at all, no matter whether they are pretty, plain, or flat out ugly. To women like this, make up can feel like a disguising and claustrophobic mask and the made up face can feel like a false face behind which they are hiding. Presenting this kind of unrealistic face to the world can feel like a massive lie or a cheat – one that they neither want to join in with, nor feel better for attempting.

As societal expectations change, more and more women are going bare face – properly bare faced, not putting on a minimal amount of make up so they still look cute but in a more muted than usual manner! Seeing more older women not worrying about their appearance, daring to take part in activities that normally they would not try because it would mess their faces up, and so on, will hopefully encourage still more women to try going make up free.

Because, while make up has its place (on special occasions and memorable days) it is not good, or healthy, or economical to wear it every day.