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PSA Black Friday deals on ‘toys’!

by Beth Divine 22 Dec 2018

Black Friday is a new and revolting phenomenon in which retailers and wholesalers go all out to try and encourage customer to flock into their stores to nab bargains at rock bottom prices. While many people relish this occasion, still others find it embarrassing and demeaning to push and shove, fighting for the last 45 inch television or one of the super expensive game consoles being sold for about half the usual price. But one thing that most of us may well find ourselves being tempted by is the on our favourite sex toy sites!

That is correct: restock your dildos, vibrators, masturbators, and butt plugs while prices are low and delivery is free! And all the while keeping it on the downlow by having the deliveries arrive in discreet brown packaging that could be almost anything!

If the thought of cut price sex toys puts your off, consider this: surely it’s better to replace your sex toys often rather than keep them for longer than advised and maybe having it become contaminated with… something unpleasant? Cheap toys do have a bad reputation, but that is because some unscrupulous manufacturers make products from incorrect raw materials, or with poor specs so the toys break – sometimes while in use, becoming stuck inside the body which can be alarming, painful and potentially very serious medically. Buying good quality toys for rock bottom prices is no bad thing, giving you the chance to refresh your naughty drawer without breaking the bank.

It also allows you to invest in some newer, perhaps slightly riskier toys that you might not pay full price for, just in case you decide that they are not actually something that you enjoy! Having the luxury of being able to buy all the sexy products for much less than they usually cost can help you and your partner to explore each other, and the kinkier side of your libidos without having to worry about costs and getting value for money if something isn’t quite what you wanted it to be!