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Hair Removal – Yay or Nay?

by Beth Divine 22 Dec 2018

Pubic hair has fashions just like hem lines, sometimes it is in favour and sometimes it is out. But which is best? And who are the experts who decide?

Well, the medical word is pretty clear – pubic hair evolved for a reason and should, as a general rule, be left well enough alone. However, humans have evolved a fair bit themselves, and we are now pretty good at keeping ourselves scrupulously clean and it is fairly easy to stay healthy and in good condition. Therefore, there is probably not a vital need to leave our pubes alone, not unless we actively enjoy having a big beautiful bush.

There are some who let their pubes alone, leaving them to grow as bountifully as nature intended. This varies from person to person, with some people sprouting the merest fuzz of hair over their genitals and others finding it hard to stop their pubic hair from peeping out of their knickers and crawling down their thighs. These differences tend to be genetic, and how the possessor feels about their hair – or lack thereof – is likely to depend on how they were raised: to be proud of it or to be ashamed of it and try and remove it at every opportunity.

In favour of removal is the whole topic of oral sex. Is it fair to a partner to not remove pubic hair if you enjoy oral and want to have him or her go down on you a lot? Popular opinion says ‘no’, with some men saying outright that if you want oral, make sure you prepare your area with a razor, depilatory cream or some waxing strips.

Speaking of method, which is the best way to defuzz the garden of pleasure? Shaving with a razor is probably the quickest and most thorough method, and it is awkward but manageable to get a razor around all the fiddly bits. The downside of shaving is that the hair can grow back very stiff and spiky, causing irritation and shaving rash on the nearby sensitive skin, and these bristles can also scrape your partner’s skin, causing reddened tender patches.

Depilatory cream can be effective, but getting the hair off without getting cream in places that it does not belong can be tricky! It also smells quite strongly, and the idea of having it in such a delicate area might not appeal to everyone. Regrowth is similar to shaving, but without the strength of bristle that a razor causes, making it a slightly better option for those with soft skin and/ or tough hair.

Waxing removes the hair follicle so there is no bristle left behind, and regrowth tends to be softer, and therefore kinder to the skin. However, waxing is intensely painful, especially in that area, can take a fairly long time. Once it is done, the area around the genitals – pussy, ass, cock and upper thighs – are left soft and a delight to touch.

So which should you choose?  As always, with these things: it is up to you. Try all the methods of hair removal, or go au naturel and let it grow out – see which way is best for you!