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Naked Dating – Why?

by Beth Divine 24 Dec 2018

There are a couple of television programmes that feature naked people getting to know each other and going on dates and so on. Now, you might think that they will be full of sexual encounters, groping and unwanted ogling, but you might be in for a surprise. The show is surprisingly successful, growing in popularity with every episode aired – but not for the reasons you might think.

First of all, no nudity is explicitly shown on the screen. You can see that the contestants are naked, but boobs, cocks and asses are all pixelated to a modest blur – much like Japanese porn which has rules about what can and cannot be explicitly shown in porn films. So any illicit thrill that you might be thinking would come along with watching the show is instantly nullified.

Secondly, for the contestants, the nudity is something that they very quickly get accustomed to. One of the ladies who featured on the show said that from her first interview, when she had to get naked via a Skype call, the way she felt about the nudity was surprisingly relaxed. She knew that she would be getting naked from before she applied, so it was always a known feature. After she had made it through the interview process, she was put into the show – where she was even more relaxed because everyone taking part was naked, and it very quickly just became normal, not something that they even thought about as they progressed with the dating part of the show.

Several contestants have mentioned that being naked made them more honest. They were more likely to reveal truths to their prospect partner while naked than they thought they would reveal to a prospect partner while fully dressed and still in that early, getting to know you stage of the relationship. Aside from this unexpected honesty, all the contestants agree that once the first awkward few minutes are over, you very quickly forget that you are naked at all, and simply get on with whatever it is that you want to be getting one with.

It is this ‘getting on with it’ spirit that makes the television shows such compulsive viewing.