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Could Naked Dating go VR?

by Beth Divine 25 Dec 2018

A previous blog post has discussed the details of Naked Dating, but here is a futuristic speculation about the possible merger between reality television and virtual reality.

Some people are too modest about their bodies, too ashamed about perceived or actual physical flaws or faults, or who simply cannot override their upbringing which has taught them that their bodies are shameful and that to reveal it is ‘dirty’ or unpleasant in some way. But these people might really want to give something like Naked Dating a go – how can they get around the drawbacks and enjoy some naked companionship safely and without offending members of their family?

With virtual reality, perhaps? Popping on a headset in the privacy of one’s bedroom and making use of a strong and speedy internet connection will allow a shy person to create an online personality – called an avatar – which they can design to look exactly like them, or to be completely different. The only limit is the imagination!

Once the avatar is designed, the player could strip down, only wearing the sensors needed for the virtual reality suit, or they can remain clothed, simply allowing their avatar to run about naked instead.

In this way, a person could ‘practise’ being naked in public to see if their interest will withstand the tests of time and bear up to the literal scrutiny of strangers, or if it is just a passing phase that once tried will fade away without a trace.  

This sort of virtual ‘coming out’ is a great way for young people to practise social interaction without exposing themselves to the dangers and anxieties of the real world – and it can even be put into use to help those suffering with PTSD, anxiety and depression – all the mental illnesses that can make social engagement difficult for those who suffer with them.

Apart from anything else, naked dating sounds like a fun way to exercise one’s curiosity and get to know others without any risk of embarrassment or having nude pictures out in the world where they could make their way onto the internet, haunting one forever thereafter!