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Physical Elements of Attraction: What She Looks for in Him

by Beth Divine 26 Dec 2018

A lot is said about female appearances and what people want from women – with apparently an emphasis on unrealistically narrow waists, massive boobs and ass, and not an ounce of fat anywhere on their bodies – and that is from both male and female points of view. However, the truth is not quite as clear cut as that: as discussed in another blog post. But few people ask a corresponding question: what do women want from a man? Here is a little list – some of the items on it may surprise you.

Women do like a nice fit body, that’s no big surprise, but they do not necessarily want a man who is bulging with muscles. A toned body, with light definition, is ideal, which means that there is no need to spend hours and hours in the gym, obsessively working each muscle set into perfection. However, some time working out is probably necessary. While women did not go for heavily muscled men per se, nor did they go for very slender, unmuscled men either!

When it comes to facial hair, neither the smoothly clean-shaven nor the heavily bearded come out ahead. Light to heavy stubble is a clear winner with growth from about five to ten days being the peak of perfection as far as many women were concerned. Now this may be because the growth is long enough for it to be soft against female skin, rather than rough and bristled, or it may simply be that it looks sexy and virile without being too pubic looking – which some very big beards can appear.

A quick way to appear more attractive has nothing to do with your looks, your physique or even any make-up: pose against a red background, or wear a red shirt. The attraction of the colour red cannot be understated. Ancient Romans who were powerful often wore red and were even known as the ‘coccinati’ or ‘those who wear red’. Red is also known as both the colour of romance or danger – and women who are looking for a partner will also be interested in these two themes (See the blog post entitled ‘Non Physical Elements of Attraction: What She Looks for in Him Part 2) and red indicates that this is a man to give serious consideration to!  

Body types tend to change as we age – and with it our preferences. While very young women might like slenderness in youth, older women find that men become more attractive as their bodies thicken: broad chests are great for cuddling, wide shoulders indicate strength and solidity makes a woman feel protected and safe.

These are just some of the physical attributes that women look for in a man, read part 2 of this blog post to discover some more.