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Physical Elements of Attraction: What She Looks for in Him Part 2

by Beth Divine 26 Dec 2018

A lot is said about female appearances and what people want from women – with apparently an emphasis on unrealistically narrow waists, massive boobs and ass, and not an ounce of fat anywhere on their bodies – and that is from both male and female points of view. However, the truth is not quite as clear cut as that: as discussed in another blog post. But few people ask a corresponding question: what do women want from a man? Here is the rest of the little list – some of the items on it may surprise you.

A nice smelling man is a very attractive man. This does not necessarily mean a soapy smell, although that can be a much better prospect than unwashed body or sweat. Opt for a scented shower gel, teamed with a deodorant and aftershave combination that goes well together – there is a difference between smelling good and asphyxiating everyone you come within five feet of! Interestingly enough, a survey was conducted in which women were asked to rate men based on watching them on a silent video clip. The men who were wearing good fragrances were still rated higher than men who weren’t – even though the women had no possible way of telling the men’s smells at all! Researchers surmise that good fragrances make the men feel more attractive, and this must imbue them with confidence that does translate to their performance on the video.

A scarred man is an attractive man. Okay, there are some provisos here: have one or two moderate scars that are mainly cosmetic rather than actively disabling and only in places that are readily visible, but also able to be hidden… This again speaks to the tendency of women to favour men of action over inert men who rarely do anything. Having a few scars means that you are not scared of a little hurt, and that you are more likely to be adventurous – and therefore fun to be around! (See the blog post entitled ‘Non Physical Elements of Attraction: What She Looks for in Him Part 2)

Some people (male or female) hate tattoos on anyone. Others adore them. Tattoos can be very divisive, but there is something of an age gap here. Older people tend to think of tattooed people as being all but unemployable, probably in a gang and generally violent and unmannerly, while younger people know that tattoos are simply an expression of the self. Therefore, younger women will find a few tattoos – a nice sleeve, a pectoral tatt, or even a simple shoulder shield – very attractive. Plus having tattoos out of sight is an excellent excuse for removing your clothes in company!