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Physical Elements of Attraction: What He Looks for in Her

by Beth Divine 27 Dec 2018

A lot is said about female appearances and what people want from women – with apparently an emphasis on unrealistically narrow waists, massive boobs and ass, and not an ounce of fat anywhere on their bodies – and that is from both male and female points of view. However, the truth is not quite as clear cut as that, and many men look for unexpected features in the women they want to be with.

While looks do rate highly: men tend to be aroused by visual stimulus more than anything else – one feature that men tend to look for even more is youthfulness or actual youth. This is an evolutionary throwback because women tend to ‘wear out’ quickly on the fertility front, having a twenty to twenty-five year window during which they can have children, while men’s fertility lasts from puberty until extreme old age. This means that men can continue having children for their whole lives whereas women tended to become weakened and possibly even die with each successive pregnancy. Of course, modern medicine and a greater understanding of how the human body works now mean that women can control how many babies they have, which leads to greater health, lower infant and mother mortality and longer lives. This means that men no longer have to find new partners every fifteen to twenty (or even less) years, but Nature is a little slower at catching up with this sort of thing, and for now, men are geared to appreciate youth over maturity – at first glance anyway.

An attractive shape is another point that won’t surprise anyone, but it is the shape that is preferred that might come as a surprise. As a general rule, men tend to prefer neither very fat girls – this is already well known – nor very slim girls, opting instead for girls with curvy places and with slender areas. In other words, ladies, stop trying to slim yourselves down to skin and bone and embrace those tender wobbly bits for the joys that they are!

A nice smile is important too. Women don’t necessarily have to walk around with a big beaming grin  all the time (that might be quite scary, to be honest!) but having a friendly smile and producing it when it is deserved is a great way to attract the interest of a man. Some women feel that they should never or rarely smile at men, and this makes the men think they are not interested – meaning that potential relationships never even make it to the first post!

Finally, and slightly creepily, men are often attracted to women who look like their mothers. This is not some disgusting oedipal complex, again, it is a primitive instinct that kept tribes united. If you chose a partner that looks like a family member, they were more likely to be of the same tribe, whilst very different looks could be an indicator of an interloper. So if a man is attracted to you and you realise that you look quite a lot like his mother, it is not just because he has nasty MILF fantasies!