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Non-Physical Elements of Attraction: What She Looks for in Him Part 2

by Beth Divine 29 Dec 2018

Not all elements of attraction, even sexual attraction, are purely physical. A man could be smoking hot and oozing sex appeal and yet struggle to find a woman because he is a bully, controlling or mean. These are some more of the things that women look for in a man.

Be brave. Women love to see courage in her man. This doesn’t mean that you can rush around taking stupid chances that endanger your life and that of others. Rather, take up a physical sport, learn something a little risky or go scuba diving, bungee jumping or white water rafting: activities that require nerve and co-ordination, but that are still bound by rules and have an excellent chance of survival. It is the risk of injury or death that is attractive, the actuality of it will be less so. As with so many tendencies, this trait comes from our primitive past where those with courage survived and made the kill that kept the village eating, while those without stayed home and were decidedly lower in the hierarchy.

Having a pet – or simply loving animals – is a great way to attract positive attention. Having a pet shows that you can commit, you are nurturing and that you thrive on companionship. Women are primed to like men who have this sort of empathy and warmth, and studies have shown that they are more likely to give their number to a strange man with a pet than they are to a strange man without one.

Whether it is just listening to music or knowing how to play an instrument (and knowing how to play some instruments can give you endless advantages in the bedroom) being musical can be a great point of attraction. Music speaks to a part of the brain that requires profundity of thought and that can mean that a person is more empathic and rounded – desirable traits in a partner.

Finally, if in doubt, do some volunteering work. Find a field that you enjoy and give up a little bit of your time each week or month. Not only will you widen the scope of people that you know (one of whom might turn out to be a good friend or more) but you will gain empathy and transferrable job skills which will in turn lead into your having more confidence – which is another area of attraction on its own!