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Non-Physical Elements of Attraction: What He Looks for in Her

by Beth Divine 30 Dec 2018

Not all elements of attraction, even sexual attraction, are purely physical. A woman could be smoking hot and oozing sex appeal and yet struggle to find a man because she has a bitchy personality and disses her man in public, for example. It doesn’t matter how good a woman looks, a man is not going to be able to sustain an interest in her if she has a poor personality or off-putting facets.

Kindness is an important factor for most people, and men are no different. There is a saying that ‘men are scared that women will laugh at them, while women are scared that men will kill them,’ and while this is something of an exaggeration, there is certainly more than a grain of truth in it as far as the first part is concerned. Being kindly to a man, understanding that traits society holds to be weaknesses are sometimes just part of a personality, and being tolerant of foibles and occasional disappointments can go a long way to making a girl very attractive to a man.

Having a good sense of humour, that makes the best of bad situations and that seeks to lighten the mood rather than one that looks for weakness and cruelly exposes it to the laughter of others, is also a great feature in a woman. Along with this comes ease with banter, and the ability to tell the difference between sexual predation and a bit of fun: Disclaimer, this does not mean that you can make filthy comments to a woman and then tell her that her discomfort is her own fault. There is a fine line, but it does exist!

Having her own interests outside the relationship is a good way to keep interest in each other alive. A woman who waits by her phone for calls and texts, who needs attention all the time and who resents her man having his own hobbies and spending time with other friends very quickly changes from a delight to a drag in any relationship.

Supportive women are sexy. Being strong enough to back your man when he takes a chance: a new job, a different look, or having a go at a risky hobby, all give a man the confidence to take a chance and step outside his comfort zone. Of course, it may not work out as planned, but if it does, his confidence will grow immensely and both parties will enjoy a new and deeper intimacy.