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Why do some people like to watch themselves?

by Beth Divine 1 Jan 2019

Having sex in front of a mirror is one of those marmite things: you either love the idea or you hate it! Some people, having been persuaded into it, find that they absolutely love it, while others who were very keen to try it find themselves completely unenchanted with the sight of their fat rolls, wrinkles and the weird shape of their calves when they are wrapped around their partner’s body!

There are a number of reasons why people like to watch themselves having sex in front of a mirror: here are just some of them.

It’s a Fetish: there is a paraphilia (paraphilia referring to the experience of intense sexual arousal when seeing, touching, smelling or otherwise using atypical objects, that is to say, items that are not intentionally sexual: such as shoes) called katoptronophilia in which the person is deeply aroused by sexual activities in front of a mirror, whether they are solo or with a partner – or even partners. But you don’t have to be a katoptronophiliac to enjoy mirror sex.

It Looks Hot! Watching yourself and your partner can be an eye-opener, especially if you are usually the ‘lights off, under the covers’ type. Apparently watching yourself can be likened to watching live-stream amateur porn, and seeing your partner take pleasure in your body, as well as seeing your own responses to their actions can be very, very arousing and pleasurable indeed.

It’s Private: Watching yourself can feel like exhibitionism, but without the chance of being caught and suffering public humiliation. This means that quite shy people can indulge in a little risqué behaviour, safe in the knowledge that there is no way that it can escape into the public domain.

You’re Not That Fat: Many people, especially women, think that they are bigger and uglier than they actually are, and this can lead them into being very self-conscious about how they look. Being self-conscious about their looks mean that they do not want to look at themselves naked ever, never mind when they are with a partner. However, a surprising number of women, once they commit to trying it out, find out that their bodies are not as weird, fat, lumpy or wrinkled as they think – and watching that body being enjoyed can be a huge turn-on to them.