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Pros and Cons of One Night Stands: Cons

by Beth Divine 9 Jan 2019
Having a one night stand tends to be frowned on by prudish people, but it can be a liberating and thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially for a single who has recently suffered from a bad break-up or who has not had a regular partner for a long time and feels frustration building up. Sexual frustration is no laughing matter – it can have a deleterious mental effect causing irritability, lethargy, and depression, and it can also have physical side-effects too, causing lower back and abdominal pain, joint aches, and head and back aches. Relieving sexual frustration and enjoying an orgasm can reverse all these symptoms and leave the person in a great mood, full of energy and joie de vivre – surely this is an indication that sexual satisfaction is far more important than pseudo moral values? Having said that, there are some cautions around having a one night stand – there is danger everywhere and taking steps to ensure your safety is merely common sense. Here are some of the pros and cons of one-night stands, and the steps you can take to mitigate the risks:

Unwanted pregnancy is a serious possibility if you are having unprotected sex. But having sex with strangers brings with it a whole new set of risks, so you should always use a condom which is very effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies. You may not mind having a baby with a relative stranger, but in any situation that involves other people, their needs and wishes should be taken into account too – in this case, the needs of the other party and the child themselves should be considered along with your own preferences. And remember some people might not want to have children for medical purposes – they may have a genetic condition that they do not wish to pass on, for example.

Sexually transmitted diseases and the prevention of spreading these should be high on everyone’s one night stand avoidance list. This is the number one reason that condoms should be used with new sexual partners, until such time as you can both get tested and cleared – once that has happened you can enjoy the pleasures of bareback as often as you like, being mindful of the odds of pregnancy occurring, of course!

Other dangers can include hooking up with someone whose sexual tastes do not align with your own, which can lead to a poor experience for you both. The odds of meeting a sadist or psychopath are – in reality – very low, but should still be born in mind when agreeing to go somewhere private with someone that you essentially do not know. And this warning is not just for women – men can be subject to violence, robbery and humiliation in just the same way that a woman can…
A one night stand should be fun. Being these tips in mind the next time you are choosing a temporary partner for a little fun will help to keep you safe and well to do it again next time!