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Pros and Cons of One Night Stands: Pros

by Beth Divine 10 Jan 2019
Having a one night stand tends to be frowned on by prudish people, but it can be a liberating and thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially for a single who has recently suffered from a bad break-up or who has not had a regular partner for a long time and feels frustration building up. Sexual frustration is no laughing matter – it can have a deleterious mental effect causing irritability, lethargy, and depression, and it can also have physical side-effects too, causing lower back and abdominal pain, joint aches, and head and back aches. Relieving sexual frustration and enjoying an orgasm can reverse all these symptoms and leave the person in a great mood, full of energy and joie de vivre – surely this is an indication that sexual satisfaction is far more important than pseudo moral values? Here are some tips on how to make the most of your spontaneous sexual liaisons:

One of the best things about a one night stand is the lack of commitment that you and your partner have to make to each other. You can be more selfish in your sexual demands than you usually are, and more open about what you like and dislike – after all, the whole purpose of this short lived relationship is to have sex, so it might as well be good, mutually satisfying sex. The best way to get the most out of a one night stand is to be clear about what you both want from the encounter – this covers any issues of consent and sets up the encounter to be a good one for all concerned.

Have fun with it. If you are worried about the morality of a one night stand, or have more concerns about what people will think than you do ideas about having a great orgasm and giving equal sexual pleasure, then perhaps a one night stand is not for you. There is no shame in this, a surprising percentage of people literally cannot orgasm with a stranger, needing some sort of an emotional connection before they can make a physical one – so if this is you, accept it and look to ease your tensions in a different way. If you can have a wonderful time on short acquaintance: go for it!

Once the encounter is over, say your farewells and leave (or say your farewells and see them out!). This is perhaps the best ‘pro’ – having no responsibility to your sexual partner once you are both satisfied! 

If you are feeling tense and grumpy, or if you have recently suffered a bad break up, going out and having a one night stand is an excellent way to reset your romantic buttons, easing stress and setting you up to get back into the dating game or to finding a more permanent partner.